Research Assistant

Maxine is an assistant researcher at Urban3 who focuses on analyzing the property tax system in the United States. She is not only passionate about organizing complex systems, but also revealing information through data visualizations. During her time with the team, she has developed slide decks to educate her teammates and future clients on their tax system while incorporating GIS to uncover patterns between states. With an interest in design and turning order from chaos, Maxine has an affinity for deep-diving to reveal information that can create a just and equitable community. 

Maxine is a recent Economics graduate from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. For her senior research project, she explored the question, “can public transportation bridge the gender wage gap?” Her research showed how a built environment can affect the gender wage gap due to limited accessibility to higher-paying jobs and the current views of non-paid labor, such as taking care of household responsibilities. Her findings included that single mothers and mothers of low income choose a lower wage to balance work and home responsibilities. During her research, she explored worldwide solutions, like implementing a bus rapid transit system, similar to Lima, Peru, or proposing a built community for women, as the model made for Vienna, Austria