Communities are Leaking Money

Financial complexity drains resources. Land use, fee structures and tax policies are poking holes in your budget bucket.

Learn how to plug your financial leaks

Uncover Shortfalls Baked Into Policy

Urban3 will help you take control and grow your community wealth

Show the Money!

Be certain about your community’s economic productivity. Help your citizens understand their own financial picture.

Grow Community Wealth

Align public policy to ensure long term and productive fiscal resilience. Discover where you are losing revenue and which land uses are most productive.

Increase Quality of Life

Meet more of your budgetary goals. Build more parks, greenways, transit, affordable housing, and have better police and fire services.

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How Our Process Works

We show you how to influence your community’s economic productivity and plan a brighter future for your citizens.

Share Your Data

We use your existing municipal data to create a model of your community’s fiscal health.

Receive Enlightening Analytics

From an individual development analysis to the economics of a metro region, we provide clear, visual intel.

Align Civic Policies

We listen to your goals and help you identify the most effective policy repairs and actions.

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We aren’t just nerds, we’re taxpayers!

We believe that every community has a right to be financially successful.

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  • We are the leader in municipal economic analysis through geospatial modeling.
  • Our Geoaccounting method has garnered international awards.
  • We’ve modeled more than $2 trillion in real estate, worked in over 170 cities, 28 states, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

“It’s like I can see my city with new eyes! As if I have never been here before! And that is exciting!”

—RobB Davis
Former Mayor, City of Davis, Ca
Joe Minicozzi

Let Joe Minicozzi educate your audience

Get powerful vision and guidance for your community from one of the “100 Most Influential Urbanists” of all time. Joe’s engaging style and compelling data will help you reach your goals.

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