Urban3 will help your community see the economic impact of varying types of development within the same market, allowing you to understand and choose your best future. You’ll then use these 3D images of your community data to make public policy adjustments, with the goal of creating long term financial resiliency. With revenue modeling you can:

  • Understand the most economically potent areas of your community
  • Promote equity in data: Eliminate complicated jargon to include the public in a data-driven approach to growth
  • Provide stakeholders with a simple, easy-to-understand visualization of all community revenue sources
  • Prioritize capital improvements and inform community design decisions
Ramsey County, Minnesota revenue model

“Urban3’s work reinforces the economic impact and need for densification, infill, and preservation in Minneapolis and Hennepin County.”

— Dr. Thomas Fisher
Director, Minnesota Design Center, University of Minnesota