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“Working with Urban3 gave me a beautiful balance of work and play, with a creative team. I have been able to broaden my network, dive into new topics, like the property tax system, and use my degree to work on valuable projects that will improve the efficiency of the team. Not only am I better prepared to analyze complex data, but also to educate others on the importance of visualizing numbers.”
– Maxine Eng, Former Intern

“My time with Urban3 provided me with the skills, network, and motivation to pursue a Masters of City Planning at a top tier program. I saw a new way of approaching city economics and development being shared with clients across the country. In the office, I always felt empowered to share my thoughts and ideas in a community that was engaging and supportive. My coworkers trusted me with projects and knew I was capable even before I fully trusted myself. Far and away, it has been my best work experience.” – Pierce Holloway, Former Intern