“Working with Urban3 helped us push the envelope for what is right for our community.  Our City Councilors felt better informed by the graphics and the presentation, so they could make a data-driven decision about a proposed new development.  Urban3’s analysis was a fruitful investment on behalf of the City of Leander.”

– Tom Yantis, former Assistant City Manager, City of Leander, TX

“Urban3 make a visceral, economic case for better city planning. In a world where cities make so many bad land-use decisions leading to economic disaster, Urban3’s work provides evidence for decision makers to confidently change the course of their decisions and undercut antiquated biases.”

– Charles Montgomery, urbanist and author of Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design

“[Urban3’s work] created a change in people’s mindsets, [for them] to see the value of high-density developments that offer affordable housing in our region.”

– Michelle Mapp, former Chief Executive Officer of the South Carolina Community Loan Fund

“[Urban3] will give you the ammunition you need to convince city leaders to value and invest in downtown real estate and to stop supporting financially unsustainable sprawl.”

– Jeff Speck, city planner and author of Walkable City: How Downtown Saves America, One Step at a Time