Alex Devoid is a data analyst with a dedication to leveraging data for equity and social transformation. His journey began with a passion for storytelling through data analysis and visualization, honing his skills to uncover disparities and trends using different programming languages. Proficient in GIS software like QGIS, Geopandas, and Rasterio, Alex specializes in merging U.S. Census data with diverse datasets, illuminating socioeconomic inequities. His academic journey, crowned by dual Master’s degrees in Journalism and Latin American Studies, further fueled his conviction in using data as a potent tool for social justice.

With each project, Alex seeks not just to analyze data, but to weave narratives that inspire change. His commitment is unwavering, driven by a desire to create impactful insights that transcend statistics, informing policies and inspiring positive action within communities. For Alex, data isn’t just numbers—it’s a conduit for progress, a force for good, and a beacon of hope for a more equitable world.