Leah is a recent graduate from Appalachian State University, with an M.A. in Geography/GIS and a B.S. in Sustainable Development. Leah had always been an advocate for the natural environment, but her studies forged a deep fascination with the relationship of the human/built environment within the natural world. Leah believes mapping is a vital tool to help visualize this relationship and appreciates its unique intersection as both art and science. 

As a Graduate Research Assistant, Leah contributed to several projects modeling current and future impacts of climate change and how they affect vulnerable populations. Prior to earning her Master’s degree, Leah spent several years working as a biological technician and environmental educator. Leah brings with her a passion for environmental advocacy and is excited to join Urban3 to assist communities to utilize land more efficiently and achieve their goals in becoming more sustainable. Leah was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, but now calls Asheville, NC home.