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Bad Math and the Panther’s Path

For years, Urban3’s deep, customized data analyses have been used to interrogate systems of planning, design, and land use across the country. In one southern Florida county, the firm’s work was used to quite literally put these systems on trial. Specifically, Urban3’s Joe Minicozzi was called as an expert witness on behalf of the Conservancy… Continue Reading »

The Dollars and Sense of Annexation

When a city annexes surrounding land, it’s usually touted as a benefit for residents and municipal budgets. This could not be further from the truth. We have the data to prove it. Source:

Comparing Urban Footprints

How many different ways can a million people look? What am I looking at? This gallery is designed to compare the footprints of different American cities. Slide through the thumbnails at the bottom of each image to choose up to four to compare. Each image is projected at the same scale  (1:250k) and depicts simplified land… Continue Reading »