Want to know how to adopt equitable practices to create a vibrant and connected community? First, one must understand the poor policy that has barred residents from either owning a home or living in a desirable community. Dan Parolek, CEO of Opticos, and Joe Minicozzi, principal of Urban3, have spent their career educating planners and elected officials on how to rethink how cities work. In this webinar, they will be discussing the Missing Middle Issue and how discriminatory policies have affected the supply of demand for equitable development.

Guest Speakers

Daniel Parolek is an architect, urban designer, and the founding principal of Opticos Design, which has grown into a nationally sought-after company of thought leaders in urban placemaking, innovative housing design and policy, and zoning reform. He has been featured in many high-profile publications including The New York TimesThe Washington PostNextCity, and Professional Builder. Dan coined the term Missing Middle Housing and is a champion of the now-international Missing Middle Housing movement. He recently presented on the topic at the Chicago Humanities Festival. Dan also co-authored the book, “Form Based Codes,” which Planetizen called “one of the top planning books of 2007” and co-founded the non-profit think tank, the Form-Based Code Institute.