APA-MA Economic Development Committee Virtual Learning Opportunity

Please email Paul Digiuseppe at pdigiuseppe@nortonmaus.com for the ZOOM link.

Are you interested in learning how development decisions impact municipal budgets? In this day of budget belt-tightening, how we develop is even more crucial. On July 27 at 9:00 am, the APA MA Economic Development Committee will be hearing from thought leaders Joe Minicozzi and Shayne Kavanaugh who will be discussing with us how land use planning and development patterns can boost our tax base.

As our meetings are open to anyone interested, you are cordially invited to attend.  Their work shows graphically how compact/mixed use development is revenue positive while low density and sprawling development patterns create negative fiscal impacts. Their case studies are fascinating and compelling. You should attend if you are an advocate of smart growth.

If interested, please email Paul Digiuseppe at pdigiuseppe@nortonmaus.com for the ZOOM link prior to the meeting.

If you want to get a sense of their work, please read their recent article “The Root of Local Government Revenues:  Rethinking the Intersection between Land Use Planning and Finances to Boost the Revenue Productivity of the Tax Base”