The City of Fayetteville hired Urban3 to perform a revenue modeling analysis that also examined Fayetteville’s relationship with the larger Atlanta Metro Area. The rippling growth the region has experienced since the 1990s has impacted Fayetteville, despite its small size. Urban3’s work in cities experiencing periods of growth has shown that planning with future generations in mind is crucial to maintaining fiscal health. In Fayetteville, Urban3 concluded that the pursuit of infill projects would help protect the city’s financial future. 

Fayette County modeled value per acre in 3D

Urban3’s work in Fayetteville also lightly examined the state of the road network in the city and surrounding county. Recognizing that maintaining a manageable road network is critical to controlling the cost of infrastructure is an important step on the path to fiscal sustainability. 

Fayetteville has 96 lane miles of road responsibility, or enough road to drive to Commerce, Georgia 

A regional comparison revealed that Fayetteville fares well when compared to other similarly-sized cities in the Metro Area. With an average value per acre of $400k, Fayetteville has been able to resist an overabundance of sprawl development and protect the productive downtown.

Fayetteville is compared, to scale, to other cities in the Atlanta area


  • The model affirmed that the decision to build townhomes near the large institutional movie studios kept some of that energy, activity, and tax paying value near the institution and Fayetteville.
  • Fayetteville now uses value per acre as a metric when considering new development.
  •  Urban3’s work broke down biases about what type of neighborhood design is most productive in terms of tax revenue.