Merrimon Avenue Op-Ed

The City of Asheville has worked with the North Carolina DOT to make a 4-to-3 lane conversion of Merrimon Avenue, a road that connects North Asheville to Downtown and I-240. The current design is a textbook stroad: it attempts to provide both movement and access at the same time, but does neither well. And like… Continue Reading »

Lessons from Covington

At Urban3 we seek to uncover the power of good urbanism. You might think our insights are relevant only to large cities. But even in places like Covington, GA–a city of 14,000 people at the edge of the Atlanta metro–the power of good urbanism is clear. Here are a few lessons we’d like to share… Continue Reading »

Meet the Urban3 Staff: Nathan Steddom

Nathan Steddom, Analyst How did your passion for GIS start? Was it during your undergraduate studies at the University of Texas? I started out studying Environmental Science, I had gotten through a lot of the math and science classes and started thinking of ways to stand out in that field. My dad, who works in… Continue Reading »

Meet the Urban3 Staff: Billy Cooney

Billy Cooney, Analyst You graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Master’s in City Planning. Why City Planning? Well, I never really thought I would go to college. I was inspired to go by friends who had been in college for years. I didn’t go until I was 21 and I honestly didn’t… Continue Reading »

New Business

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the fourth quarter of 2022, a year that in many respects has been our busiest and most productive in Urban3’s history.  In addition to our groundbreaking collaboration with the Sorenson Impact Center and Government Finance Officers Association on Putting Assets to Work – where we’re helping cities… Continue Reading »

The Zoning Crisis: Lessons From Chicago, IL

A few years ago, Emily Talen noticed something odd about her neighborhood on the north side of Chicago – yards. “It was like suburbia was kind of invading,” she said. Dr. Talen is intimately familiar with the differences between traditionally urban and suburban forms of civic design. She’s a professor of urbanism at the University… Continue Reading »

These Local Governments are Putting Their Assets to Work

The Sorenson Impact Center, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and Urban3 Announce 6 U.S. Local Governments Selected for the Inaugural Putting Assets to Work Incubator New initiative established under the leadership of former Mayor and Congressman Ben McAdams in partnership with the Sorenson Impact Center, GFOA, and Urban3 The Sorenson Impact Center, the Government… Continue Reading »

Meet Urban3’s 2022 Interns

Urban3’s staff is growing, along with its portfolio of clients across the country. Tia Decker Tia, a graduate student at the University of Chicago College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs with a concentration in Urban Planning and Policy with a focus in spatial planning. Their most recent project is an ecological design studio, where… Continue Reading »

Meet the Urban3 Staff: Lanier Hagerty

Lanier Hagerty, Analyst Lanier Hagerty followed an interesting path to Urban3 – from South Carolina, to Washington DC, Beijing, New York City, and back to the south. Along the way, she learned some big lessons about spatial theory, “small urbanism,” and the power of place to shape all of our lives. What is your professional… Continue Reading »

Ten Years in Review

We often say that our clients are people who work for cities: mayors, planning directors, downtown association directors, and developers. In truth, the people we work for are the countless families, business owners, taxpayers, senior citizens, children, and others whose destinies are linked to the long-term success — or failure — of the city where… Continue Reading »